(Back To) School Supplies

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and by supplies, we mean..

Whether you are a teacher, parent, or both, you are likely in need of some back to school supplies (and by supplies, we mean wine).

⛱ Beach, Please Chardonnay: You want me to do what with 6-year-olds on Zoom? 

  • Pairs well with trying to make sense of remote learning plans and attempting to hold it all together. 

🥪Side Dish Riesling: When PB&J and goldfish are no longer cutting it.

  • Pairs well with softly sobbing between Zoom calls while eating your kid's lunch for the 1200th day in a row.

💅Simple Pleasures Cabernet Sauvignon: Find it where you can, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.  

  • Pairs well with a moment to yourself and a little peace and quiet.

👑 Oh! Orgasmic Tannat: To be or tannat to be? That is the question. Indulge a little in something fancy… you DEFINITELY deserve it. 

  • Pairs well with changing your mind (and then changing it again), procrastination, and brief moments of peace denial. 

What's Inside: The bundle comes with one of each of these wines, plus a humorous insert to guide you through wtf is happening this year.

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